Why do colleagues always leave work earlier than me? Because he mastered these few Excel tips

Excel is an office software that is often used in our daily work. If we can use Excel, the work efficiency will be greatly improved, and we will no longer have to work overtime! Today I introduced these Excel skills, I hope to help you!

1. Quickly find a row, column, and

Select all the data and spaces, and hold down the shortcut key [Alt + “=”]. At this time, all the data in the empty line will be automatically added up.

2. One-click to get all data ranks and

To find the sum of a certain row or column, it is very simple, just select the required row and column, and hold down the shortcut key [Alt + “=”], and you can get the sum of all data rows and columns in one click.

3. Double-click instead of fill function

I have always felt that the pull-down function is fast, but there is actually a faster way! Double-click directly to complete the filling. We directly position the cursor to the right of the first cell using the function. When the black cross shape appears, double-click the mouse directly.

4. Automatically adjust column width

Sometimes tables with too much data will block the content. At this time, we need to adjust them one by one, which is similar to the previous one. We only need to select the table that needs to adjust the column width, position the cursor to the lower right of the cell, and double-click, It’s finished!

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