Contains 500 grams of gold! iPhone 11 “Solar System”

Local time reported in November 2019 that Caviar, a Russian luxury brand customization company, recently launched special versions of the “solar system” of Apple iPhone11 Pro and Apple iPhone11 Pro Max.

The mobile phone has a golden design, adding 500 grams of 18K gold, and diamonds at 12 o’clock in the middle dial, and the price is about 500,000 yuan. Let ’s enjoy it together.

For some people, the personal customization of the mobile phone is to distinguish it from others. Most of the private customized mobile phones change their appearance. The price varies according to the materials, but they are very expensive. The picture shows the customized version of iPhone11 “solar system”

In addition to the central dial set with diamonds, Apple also launched three other versions, namely Mars, Meteorites and the Moon; these three versions do not have gold, but have a stone that really comes from Mars, Tsarev meteorite and the Moon.

iPhone11 Mars

iPhone11 Moon

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